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Integrated Extraction System for RTD Beverages

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FLAVOURTECH PTY LTD, Griffith NSW Australia is pleased to have MIL Trading Private Limited as their Spotter Representative in India to promote Flavourtech technologies and their Gold Standard technologies.

1.Thin Film Low Temperature Technologies for beverages, food, pharma, nutraceuticals, aroma recovery, spices, flavor, food / flavor ingredients, de-odourization etc.
2. To produce consistent high quality, high value products. Extracts / concentration of coffee, tea, yeast, malt, meat, herbal medium, phytochemicals, soupstock, vegetables, algae, protein, antibiotics, enzymes, marinade, AITC etc.

Spinning Cone Column (SCC)

Spinning Cone Column (SCC), based on Thin Film Technology. The premium aroma recovery system
for the capture of Natural aroma from tea, coffee, fruit and vegetables.

  • Short residence time of approximately 25 seconds
  • Wide operating temperature 30 to 100 ℃. (steam)
  • Flow rate 1 to 10 Cu.M / Hr
  • Isothermal, no pressure drop
  • Handles slurries / suspended solids
  • Minimum to no degradation in the functional properties – flavours, colour etc
  • Handles slurries / suspended solids
  • Negligible thermal impact
  • Energy saving
SCC1,000 for Aroma recovery

Centritherm Evaporator

Centritherm Evaporator, based on Thin Film Technology. Low thermal impact evaporation as there is
only one second product contact time on the heated surface.

  • Centrifugal conical evaporator
  • Very thin film less than one mm
  • Only one second heat contact time at temperatures as low as 35℃.
  • Adaptive to highly viscous medium cp 20,000
  • Evaporation capacity (water) upto 4800 Kgs / Hr
  • Negligible thermal impact
  • Low hold-up volume
  • Minimum to no degradation in the functional properties – flavor, colour etc.
  • Can achieve higher concentration than other evaporators.

CT1-40RM Centritherm Evaporator

The FT Technologies Centritherm is a thin film spinning cone, evaporator that reduces product contact time to only one second.

MIL Trading Private Limited, Chennai, India is an engineering, manufacturing and technical liaison company, with proven record of committed service to its clients. MIL Trading Private Limited is having its office at 25A, Industrial Estate, Ambattur, Chennai – 600098, India and their contact details are as follows:

  • Website: www.miltrading.com
  • N.S.S. Rajan, Executive Director ( Land: 044 – 26258382, 26150598 and M: 9940246941)
  • H. Yegna Narayanan, Project Manager (M: 9840860738).
  • Email: miltrading.gen@gmail.com, nssraj@gmail.com