High Pressure Processing, Spain

Hiperbaric 300 Hiperbaric 300i

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High Pressure Processing is a non-thermal, cold processing technique in which the food – Fresh Cold - Pressed Juices and Fresh Cold – Pressed Solids such as meat etc in its final flexible packaging is subjected to high levels of hydrostatic pressure, inactivating its microorganisms, extending the shelf life and guaranteeing the food safety of the product.

Hiperbaric equipment provide a technological solution totally in line with the requirements of today´s food market: natural, fresh, safe and convenience foods such as Dairy, Baby and Infant food, Ready to eat meals, juices, fruit products, dips and salsas, wet salads and sandwich filling , avocado products etc.

From its conception, each machine is designed to meet the needs of food industry. The fluid used to transmit the pressure is plain water free of additives, a non toxic fluid which dries off without leaving any waste on machine components or food packaging materials

Being the current World leading supplier of this technological solution, its machinery can be found nowadays operating in five continents (Europe, America, Asia, Africa and Oceania), in installations processing meat, dairy, fruit, vegetable, seafood, and pharmaceutical & cosmetic products.

All equipment from the Hiperbaric range include: working pressure of 6,000 bar (600 MPa/87,000 psi), horizontal layout, wire wound technology for the processing vessel (chamber), and fully independent high pressure intensifiers.

Its machinery can be installed in any country as it fulfils all the requirements of the "Pressure Equipment Directive 2014/68/UE" and those of the U3 "Certificate of authorization" according to the ASME (American Society of Mechanical Engineers) Code VIII. Div. 3 "Boiler & Pressure vessel Code".