Finding leads

We generate inquiries. We look out for potential customers.

We carry out market research, collect data on industries, their growth, financial status of the prospective companies and their market reach. By contact over mail, phone and personal visits we develop the priority and the grading list of the prospective clients for the effective result – oriented marketing.

Customer contacts, negotiations and finalization of the deal.

We involve ourselves in technical and commercial clarifications. The Price negotiations as may be required will be done.

Design of systems

We prepare the design for the system - such as general layout, handling systems etc based on the quantity of feed, space availability at the factory / location.

We prepare the most economical system and the corresponding layout.

Project Scheduling

We prepare in consultation with the client the bar chart for the scheduling of the project and monitor and guide for timely completion.

Import and Customs Procedures.

We indicate the Indian Customs Duty Code for import of these items based on the Harmonizing Code .


We have contact with Erection Contractors for example say silo system who undertake to provide the service.

Erection will be done by our Authorized Erection Contractor. The order on the Erection Contractor will be placed directly by the Purchaser.

Commissioning and handing over of the plants

This service is provided depending on the client's requirement.

Companies in India generally carry out themselves the activities such as Civil Work, Electrical Work, Instrumentation, obtaining the various statutory approvals etc. If however the client should require some specific services we provide the same to them on chargeable basis.

We monitor all the activities on the project and provide timely advice and help to ensure that the project is completed as per the schedule, by visiting the client / project site etc as may be required.


We are working as Trading Agents for various well-known Companies in U.S.A., Canada, Australia, France, Austria, Germany, The Netherlands etc.

We are currently representing the following foreign companies as their agents in India.

1 Grain Silos Systems.
10 Tank Connection, USA – Bolted steel Silos for Flyash storage.
Refer website:
2 WALINGA INC, Canada - Pneumatic Conveying Systems.
Refer website:
11 NEUERO, Germany - Port Handling - Ship Loader, Unloader etc
Refer website:
3 Flavourtech Pty Ltd, Australia - Centritherm Evaporator, Short Path Distillation , Rotating Disc Column and Spinning Cone Column
Refer website:
(Spotter Representative).
12 Dr.Christian Buschhoft Th. Buschhoff GmbH & Co. Germany. Feed Mill Plant for Poultry etc.
Refer website:
4 The Witte Company, Inc. USA - Drier for Grains.
Refer website:
13 Carter Day International Inc, USA - Hammer Mills for Maize Grinding
5 HYDRO CONSTRUCT, Austria - Rubber Dams
Refer website:
14 ALMIN ENTERPRISE CO, TAIWAN for Grain Cooling System for paddy, corn etc stored in silos.
 6  7   Fluid-Quip, USA for Starch Plant Equipment.   
  Refer Website:  
  AMG, INC, USA – Process Engineering Package for      Starch Plant.  
15 Rafflenbeul Ingenieure, Germany – Waste Air Purification Air Pollution Control, Odor Abatement, Energy Saving etc
Refer website:
8 Cadence Environmental Energy, USA - Use of Cadence Mixing Air Technology and alternative fuels (RFD) in cement plants.
Refer Website:
16 Hiperbaric High Pressure Processing,
Spain - non-thermal, cold processing technique - extending the shelf life and guaranteeing the food safety of the product.
Refer website:
9 VALMONT, USA – Mechanized Move Micro Irrigation System; Land application of waste waters.
Refer Website:
17 CPM Wolverine Proctor Ltd, UK – Technology and Equipment for Peanut Butter Line, Textile line etc.