Cadence Environmental Energy Inc, USA


We are sure you must be aware of the reasons why the Cement companies in India have to think of use of alternative fuels in their kilns.

1. Massive Investment on the capital made.
2. Cost of input going up such as coal, power etc
3. Non-availability of power, good quality coal.
4. Operating margins are getting reduced.

Therefore to maximize the profit and to keep the bottom lines low, Cement Companies in India will have to increase the plant production and efficiency of the plant and also explore use of alternate cheaper fuels such as RDF (Refuse derived fuel).

To help with the above objective, Cadence Environmental Energy, USA provide innovative technology, know-how, equipment and systems that are performance proven to increase the overall efficiency / cut costs.

Cadence has been giving this technology to global cement companies since 1975.

Cadence have patented process and equipment such as

  • mixing air technology - The primary benefits will be thermal efficiency improvements
  • more production with less fuel cost and increasing capacity of Pre- Heater and Precalciner Kilns
  • waste to energy,
  • emission reduction etc.

These are the valuable tools available to industries to meet this obligation on a continuous basis.

Globally these unique features of cadence are improving the quality of clinker and increase the output on true preheater kilns (no calciner) between 3-5%.

Cadence "hands on support" allows long, pre-heater, and pre-calciner kiln operators to increase alternative fuel replacement rates, while significantly reducing NOX, SOX and CO emissions.