Welcome to MIL Trading Private Limited

MIL Trading Private Limited is an associate company of MIL INDUSTRIES LTD. www.milindus.com

MIL Trading Private Limited is working as Trade Representative of companies based in USA, Canada, Australia, Austria, The Netherlands, France, Germany for Project / Product Sales.

Our Principals have rich experience in the fields of – Grain Storage and Handling, Flavor, Herbal, Botanicals, Natural Colors, Spices, Phyto-chemicals, Oleoresin, Essential Oils, Protein, Fats and Oils, Nutraceuticals, Pharmaceuticals, Dairy, Fruits and Vegetables, Soluble coffee and tea, Food, Cement.


Silos for storage of free flowing grains and material handling items

iGRAIN, Denmark

Grain monitoring in Silos, Grain chilling and O3 Treatment of corn, etc

Walinga Inc, Canada

Portable pneumatic conveying systems for grain, feed, seed...

Thar Process Inc, USA

Solvent - Free Extraction using Carbon Di-Oxide The Natural Solution

Cadence Environmental Energy Inc, USA

Use of Cadence Mixing Air Technology and alternative fuels...


Clextral twin screw extrusion technology...

Flavourtech Pty Ltd, Griffith NSW Australia

Thin Film Low Temperature Technologies for beverages...

CPM Wolverine Proctor Ltd, UK

Machines for Peanut Butter Line, Dryers for Pharma....

Hiperbaric High Processing, Spain

High Pressure Processing is a non-thermal, cold processing....